Chiropractic Adjustment Seattle

When the vertebrae are misaligned and need chiropractic adjustment you have this nerve interference, your body can’t perform efficiently because it isn’t getting the right messages from the brain. When they run into interference, some messages may take detours; others slow down or lose their way. Misalignment of the vertebrae can often exist undetected and slowly undermine one’s health and thus our body does not always function at optimum performance.

Occasionally, one or more of your vertebrae will move out of alignment; we call this nerve interference or a subluxation. Where misalignments occur, the spinal openings narrow distorting the flow of innate energy throughout the body.  Chiropractic adjustments can help.Chiropractic Adjustments Seattle

If the nerve flow is disturbed because of nerve interference or subluxation, chemical imbalance occurs and the body will function less efficiently. Its ability to fight off infection is weakened and your immune system is compromised—this can result in fever, dizziness, coughing, upset stomach, and many other conditions. Often these conditions are our body’s way of attempting to restore health. Correcting nerve interference will help your body return to normal function. The more you understand the way your body functions, the more you will be motivated to take care of yourself.

Dr. Tuttle is a chiropractor located in Seattle who is committed to your education of body, spine and overall wellness.

Chiropractic Adjustment Seattle

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