Sports Injury Doctor Belltown

Sports Injury Doctor Near Belltown

Sports Injury Doctor Near Belltown

It has been well documented that chiropractic care is the natural solution for sports and other athletic injuries. Dr. Tuttle (A Seattle Chiropractor) knows that spinal and extremity adjustments are the most effective treatment to restore joint mobility, reduce inflammation, and break up scar tissue within the muscle, tendon, and ligament tissue.

Dr. Tuttle treats a wide range of sports injuries to patients in Downtown Seattle near Belltown. These can include shoulder, elbow, or wrist problems, as well as hip, knee, ankle, and foot problems. These sprain/strain injuries can occur from acute trauma (sudden onset) or from chronic overuse.
He has rehabilitated many collegiate and professional athletes with his chiropractic and sports injury services in the Downtown Seattle area, as well as high school and grade school level athletes for over 29 years. Having been a college athlete himself and a sports enthusiast, he understands the importance of peak performance as well as the essential nature of quick recovery.

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